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Do It Yourself

tools to help you create your own artworks

Resin Art Starter Kits


Create one of a kind resin artworks with this all in one kit. 

The ocean pack will help you take your art to the next level with colours indluded to create stunning ocean inspired artworks. 

The Complete Beginners Guide to Resin Art


Become a mastermind at resin art as you explore this medium through this online course. I want to share my knowledge of this art practice and show you how to do what I do – right to the very part where you frame your masterpiece for hanging!

Resin Art Workshops


Workshops are a personal approach to learning the resin art form. Enjoy learning the process of creating your very own piece of art. All levels of experience are welcome in this workshop that intends to inspire people to explore their own artistic expression through resin art.

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