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2020 Cancelled?

I’m not going to lie, markets are hard work. You create a checklist of everything you need, pack your car late the night before, wakeup at an ungodly hour the morning of, drive to your marketplace location and set up shop. You’ve set up everything including the tiny little details (fairy lights, artwork labels, logos, business cards) and the markets started.

For a small period of time, you forget about all that hard work once you start interacting with customers, living out your fantasy of having a small pop up shop. Music begins playing, food is cooking and occasionally you get lucky and get a few sales. You make stall buddies with those around you and give each other thoughtful tips and tricks. There’s just something about it that when you’re serving your last customer, and you have to pack everything up again, including all those damn details, that makes you want to do it over and over again.

We’re not too sure when the next market will be, but I am pretty confident that small businesses around the world are itching for that date release, and can’t wait to see a pack full of people wanting to bust down the market gates and get shopping! Support small businesses and stay tuned to when their next market will be! You don’t know how much it means to us.

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