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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

My first contact with resin was during high school in my final year. My Studio Arts teacher loved the medium and showed us all how to use it and I ended up loving it too and using it for my final piece.

After high school, we moved out from our family home and our new place had an old garage that was not in good shape so it either needed to be destroyed or renovated. We went with the latter. We transformed it into the studio that it is today, with most of its purpose intended to be an artist's studio. As I was going to be the main person who was going to use it, the nickname "Lamb's Studio" caught on and thus the lambsstudio journey began.

Studying Visual Arts at university, I was made to try a variety of different mediums and techniques. Nothing quite satisfied me as much as resin did and so I bought my first kit from Bunnings. This was actually intended to be used for floorboards and was also toxic, so after a few experimental efforts I searched for art resin and stumbled across Just Resin. Back then, JustResin was just starting out and I got to meet the brains behind the brand. I purchased a resin kit, pigmented inks and a flame torch to get me started, organised an instagram to document my development and never looked back.


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