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Resin Jelly Tray - fluorescent green finished with spots of silver and pink iridescent glitter. 


18cm diameter, 13cm internal


Create your dream table-scape with these wavy pieces of eye-candy! These trays are multifunctional - use for your jewellery, perfume collection or a couple scented candles. 

This collection aims to add fun and functionality, with playful & vivid colours and patterns.  


Each piece is lovingly produced and finished by hand in the studio which means no two pieces are the same. With this in mind, please note that you will see variations in colours, swirls and the like (this is what makes them special).


Please note: The resin used can tolerate a hot mug of coffee, however they are not heat-proof. They can be cleaned in warm water or with a damp towel, but please note, they are not dishwasher safe. 

To add shine and a bit of life to your resin pieces, rub with a cloth and a drop of food-safe oil. 

Resin Jelly Tray - Green

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