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The Complete Beginners Guide to Resin Art


The Complete Beginners Guide to Resin Art Become a mastermind at resin art as you explore this medium through this online course. I want to share my knowledge of this art practice and show you how to do what I do – right to the very part where you frame your masterpiece for hanging! The complete guide to resin art is a step-by-step course where you will be shown: - How to use resin and what resin to choose - All the different kinds of pigments - Which surfaces are suitable for resin - Step-by-step breakdown to creating an artwork - 5 different resin art techniques - How to fix resin mistakes - Tricks and tips of the trade There’s a cheeky discount code in there as well. Resin art is a practice that anyone can do (I swear by this!) and after completing this course, you’ll feel more than ready to get started. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #lambsstudio so I can see what you create! Special Mentions: Teneille Fanning – course content editor and advisor Just Resin – fantastic art products Dewhurst Furniture - custom MDF boards



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