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32x32cm, framed


This collection is an experimentation with vibrancy, (un)predictability and perspective.


Since spending a lot of time in the metaverse through the COVID-19 lockdowns, we've been thrusted back into 'reality'. The divide between our physical and our 'online' identities have formed some sort of augmented reality, a blend of the two.


I have a tendency to dream vividly (both while i’m asleep and awake) and sometimes the two realities get mixed up, warped somehow. My late grandfather's case of dementia has me worrying about how I make and store myown memories. Will I be able to differentiate  between what's real, or dreamt? Or am I too skilled at convincing myself of the delusion?


The works I've produced involve striking, distracting colours, holographic film and colour-changing pigments. 

Sugar Pill

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